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    Well, I have not come on here for a very long time, but. I could use some help. A little bit about me right now.. and if I miss type or spell something please go easy on me... tired and spelling/typing are not my best skills...

    I have been married for 3 years this month... my wife and I have one child, little girl who will be 4 this 12/23, yes I know, was not planned, but she is very far from not being loved.. light of my life really.

    But here is the thing... my wife and I have not had any type of sex since, well, we found out we were going to have a child... yes.. I know.. no sex of ANY kind. Oral, hand, full contact... NOTHING, ZIP, NONE, BIG FAT ZERO! I have talked to her about it, asked her why, and the reason I have been given is, "sex is not imported to me and you need to just deal with that."

    I have tried to have us go to someone to help with this... and she just says she wants no part of it... but, jacking off, porn or anthing like that, she can't stand... But I still do it when she is not here... I feel like a 17-year-old pumping one off when their folks are not home, and that is not what being married should feel like, right? Having to please your self when no one is looking or is home?

    Tried touching and rubbing, and she goes to sleep, can't stand to be kissed, or playfully touched when it's just us at home... was this way on the first night we were married and on the whole honeymoon as well...

    I don't know what I am asking for... friendly ear, help, ideas.. honestly I am at lost...
    I'm at .