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"Buddy Bating" - Is it Common?

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  • "Buddy Bating" - Is it Common?

    I am a straight 43 year old guy and I had never really thought about jacking off with another guy until about a year ago. A buddy and I went out drinking. Got back to my house drunk with no women. My buddy was too drunk to drive home so he stayed at my place. I thought he had gone into the guest room and I cracked up some porn on my TV. I dropped my pants and started stroking my extremely hard cock. I heard a sound and he was behind me with his cock in his hand and asked "Mind if I join you" I was too horny to worry about it so I said yea. He had a big cock, had to be 8" and he was stroking that cock about 2 feet from me. I found myself looking less at the porn and watching him. It was very hot, just watching him stroke and he was watching me. We jacked off for about 30 minutes at which time we both came at the same time.

    The next morning we discussed it and decided we would do it again. Both of us have GF's and get plenty of pussy but this was a unique experience that turned both of us on. My question - is this something that has happened to you? If so, give us some details? Has it lead to you wanting to stroke or suck your buddies cock?

    Attached is a pic that my buddy took during our last session.

    Thanks Guys!!
    Lubed and ready!

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    I've bated with my best friend since we were in middle school. On occassion we have stroked and sucked each other off.