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    I'm 24 years old now and I've been masturbating daily for almost 10 years now! Recently, I found out one way to experience masturbation in a totally new way: I have one of those hand-held PCs and I photographed my girlfriend's pussy and scanned in the photos on my PC, and then afterwards I transferred them into my hand-held PC. So now, when my girlfriend is away, maybe for a few days or so, I masturbate holding and rubbing my penis in my left hand - I'm left-handed! - and next to my penis I'm holding my hand-held PC showing various photos of my girlfriend's vagina. I switch between them and imagine licking and kissing her pussy penetrating her vagina with my tongue while she's -- in my head -- doing her greatest blow job ever! And I see her hand deeply pressed into her pussy. That turns me on, you know! And the great thing is - which really turns me on! Is that she knows that I'm doing it and she was happy to agree to photographing her pussy and scanning the pics. She thinks it's great and I know she's doing it too. She has photos of my erect penis, and when she is traveling, she's masturbating and pleasing herself just the same way!
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