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    My best experience to-date actually happens to be quite recent. I discovered Organic Glide, a completely natural lubricant that’s probiotic, and 100% edible. I have been using it recently for prostate massage, which means I need to lube up the vibe, in this case a LELO Hugo, really carefully and take my time for insertion.

    With organic glide, what I noticed is that it’s water proof. You can wash it off with soap and water, but applying it is a little like soft butter- it sticks to you. And in water this is AWESOME.

    I decided to take a long, leisurely bath and half way through the bath I felt like I wanted to play, so I used the organic glide and I was able to stroke myself for over 15 minutes without losing lubrication, even underwater! The resulting orgasm was mind blowing and incredible.

    My wife and I recently used it in the bath as well, and even though the water provides lubrication, a little strategically applied organic glide allowed her to get to climax while on top of me in the bath… and this usually isn’t easy because water isn’t the best lubricant. It’s actually rough, not soft. Organic glide made sex in the bath incredible.

    For anyone looking for the best masturbation experience, I highly recommend it.
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